Drivers Education

Our Drivers Education program is fully qualified by the State of Washington and is only taught by licensed instructors.

State Testing

We offer State License testing by one of our qualified state examiners. We offer both the written and skill test from our Wenatchee office.

Getting Your First Permit or License

Sometimes it may seem difficult to read through all of the guides on how to get your permit or license. We strip away all the tedious information to give you the basics, helping you to move forward, instead of rolling around in the mud.

Welcome to Smooth Ride Driving School

Are you ready to join the masses and become a driver on our highways and transportation system? This is probably one of the biggest steps you will take in your path towards becoming an adult and yields great responsibility. We provide everything you need to become a safe and efficient driver. Our friendly team and a relaxed teaching environment will allow you to have fun while learning to drive, but also make you the best driver that you can become, but you have to want to succeed and your parents must also be a part of the team and provide you with the practice you will need.

Our classroom curriculum is state approved and is designed to teach you all of the important aspects of driving and when combined with our behind the wheel training, will provide you with access to years of knowledge, experience, and training that will help you to become a successful driver. Our curriculum includes:

- Knowing your Car
- Starting and Stopping
- Braking, Turning and Signalling
- Roadway Signs and Markings
- Parking
- Sharing the Road
- Roadway Conditions
- Emergencies
- DOL Test Preparation